Agricultural protection solution

Remoulds the definition of plant protection UAV,modularizes the design components of the whole machine、The butterfly four-rotor wing layout,optimization laid the foundation for the efficiency of the model.

Quick Plug and Unplug the Chemical Tank

The new generation T406 plant protection uav is equipped with a fast-plugging medical cabinet.During the operation, the efficiency of dressing change is 120% of the previous model, which supports 5-second quick plugging and unplugging.The maximum capacity of the operating medicine cabinet is 7L and the standard operating capacity is 6kg. Other capacity of the medicine cabinet can be replaced according to the actual needs of the operation.

Terrain Following Radar

Equipped with a new millimeter-wave radar, which is not affected by ambient light and dust, and can perceive the farmland environment in all weather.
Detection angle of 17°,one precision improved.Equipped with digital beam synthesis technology, it can feedback farmland slope and canal, and effectively identify complex farmland scenes.

All Stage Finite Element Analysis

A quad-rotor bee layout, its spray range can be up to 4.5m at a working height of 2m.The professionally designed and tested wind field layout can effectively optimize the updraft and updraft in the spray center area. Finite element analysis was carried out in the design stage of the whole machine. Both the fracture point and the vulnerable part were designed for quick maintenance and disassembly. In case of failure, only the vulnerable parts could be replaced quickly to continue the operation.