Shanghai TopXGun Robotics Co.,Ltd. is a provider of the flying control system and unmanned vehicle industrial solution. It was founded on May 4th, 2015, headquartered in Shanghai, and has research and development center in Nanjing, in addition to sales center in Shenzhen.

TopXGun is committed to offering the solution with the best performance and experience for the users. TopXGun Flight control, as the pioneer of plant protection application, provides professional plant protection flight control for all the users. T1-A is a mature and special flight control for unmanned vehicles for plant protection. Functions such as AB point mode, regional planning, semi-automotive mode, accurate spraying, breakpoint jet, and measurement of the drug volume can meet various needs of plant protection. Through the integration of highly accurate algorithm and intelligent operation mode, a more effective, accurate and convenient processing method of plant protection is realized. The suites of RTK flight control are designed for the accurate flying of multi-rotors unmanned vehicles in the industry, not only capable of cooperating with the positioning accuracy provided by the RTK differential base station, but also position accurately for the flying machine through double aerials, it has strong capacity of anti-magnetic interference, and is able to guarantee the flying machine’s safe flight in the environment of high-voltage power lines and mine lots that are interrupted by the powerful magnetic interference. Focus builds up quality, TopXGun Science and Technology focus on the area of unmanned flight control, and is committed to building the most professional unmanned multi-rotors flight control system.

TopXGun Science and Technology adheres to the attitude of opening up and creating future together, and actively looks for partners for cooperation. Employees in TopXGun believes that through cooperation, an excellent ecological environment of unmanned flight industry can be created, promoting the harmonious and healthy development of the whole industry.