Solutions to building detection unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)

In traditional building detection, inspectors should often construct scaffold if they need to have close observation of wall and roof, which not only take time and resources but also have high risks. However, UAV can carry high-definition X30 camera to shoot hundreds of HD photos or videos in flight. Through transmission of HD photos, staff can have real-time detection to buildings on the ground so as to discover hidden risks in advance and make maintenance more rapid and efficiency. Moreover, by carrying thermal imaging camera, it can further improve detecting efficiency. UAV can fly as long as 30 minutes so that it is suitable for large scale buildings and building groups. X30 camera can have comprehensive data collection, discover hidden problems by analyzing thermal imaging of buildings and formulate proper solutions.

Solutions to bridge detection unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)

High speed development of UAV technology provides a new solution to maintenance and detection of bridge. Closely connecting with computer technology and sensor technology, UAV technology is an important method for bridge detection in the future. Application of UAV technology can reduce maintenance cost and relieve the situation of insufficient technicians and equipment rapidly.

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