Solutions to environmental monitoring unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)

Due to its characteristics like flexibility and portability and that it is not restricted by environment, environmental monitoring unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is popular among users. By carrying gas analyzer of high sensitivity, it can realize real-time supervision over pollutant concentration. And camera system of high resolution can obtain remote sensing images and realize planning and supervision of flight path, automatic transmission of information data and pretreatment of images, and moreover, it can provide integrated solutions to environmental monitoring sectors at all levels and information construction of environment.

Solutions to forestry protection unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)

Forestry is the main part of ecological construction in the nationwide and it is indispensable in ecological and social development. China has a forestry area of 175 million hectares; the forest growing stock is 12.456 billion square meters and the forest coverage rate is 18.21%. Thus, China is not only a country with abundant forest resources but also a country with many forest fires. Therefore, it has become a priority to solve survey of forest resources and forest fire prevention by use of high-tech methods. Solutions to forestry protection UAV can realize beforehand prevention efficiently - survey of forest resources and supervision of desertification; solving and controlling in the process – detection and prevention of forest diseases and insect pests, and supervision and dynamic management of forest fire; and repair after the event – have artificial raining by use of UAV.

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