Solutions to electric patrol unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)

Due to its characteristics like convenience and efficiency, and clear data, UAV power patrol is accepted by more and more power supply companies. It is unmanned air vehicle which uses wireless control and wireless robot or procedure control devices to manipulate. UAV can have high precision detection on electric transmission line through equipment like visible light, infrared thermal imaging and ultraviolet imaging. Moreover, UAV with high precision can also realize spot hover detection which can not only overcome the problem that ground patrol group is too far away and the observing field angle is too small but also solve the problem that unmanned patrol has high cost, unfavorable safety and low accuracy. However, since environment is relatively special when UAV has electric patrol and it is often affected by eternal factors, UAV which is used for electric patrol has high requirements on performance of flight control. TopXGun customized a multi-rotor flight controller with high precision and strong anti-magnetic disturbance for electric patrol UAV according to the special characteristics of UAV for electric patrol so as to provide most professional technical guarantee to udders of electric patrol.

Solutions to radioactive testing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)

Environmental monitoring UAV can realize supervision over air pollutants, water areas and radioactive contamination by taking unmanned aircrafts as aerial platforms and by use of airborne remote sensing equipment (thermal infrared imaging, hyper-spectral imaging) and pollutant composite sensor, and moreover, it can also assist environmental protection administration for environmental law enforcement and pursuit of source of pollution.

Solutions to wind power station unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) patrol

UAV blade inspection refers to have close observation of blade surface by taking UAV as carriers to take specialized imaging devices for blade inspection so as to replace manual inspection. Traditional fan blade inspection is mainly realized by people through telescope, spider-man, basket and encircled platform and then has experience-based judgment. The mode not only have problems such as unfavorable safety, big workload and low efficiency but also be affected by observing angles, thus causing that blade cannot be discovered comprehensively and timely. Compared with traditional blade patrol mode, blade patrol by use of UAV can be more convenient, time-saving and discover wears which cannot be discovered by manual inspection.

Solutions to photovoltaic power station unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) patrol

UAV platform can carry visible light camera and thermal imaging camera to have safer and more reliable detection, and meanwhile, it can apply remote image transmission and route planning sensor to provide users with overall health assessment scheme for the managed power station, thus making UAV system an entrance for big data and overturn former data acquisition methods by combining with the operation and maintenance system of photovoltaic power station itself.

Solutions to oil and gas pipeline unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) patrol

Oil pipeline inspection by use of UAV can greatly reduce failure rate, theft rate and operating cost, and improve work efficiency of maintenance of pipe network, thus turning failure treatment into hidden danger control. Therefore, the technology will surely become a powerful tool for operation, monitoring and maintenance of oil pipeline, a high-tech project which can reflect independent innovative ability of operating units of oil pipeline, and a great reformation of monitoring methods for oil pipeline.

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