Agricultural protection
China is an agricultural country with one billion eight hundred million mu farmland.
Every year China requires a large number of agricultural protection work. The number of pesticide poisoning in China is one hundred thousand people, and the mortality rate is about 20%. there is no official statistics about the death caused by pesticide residues and pollution, it might be a staggering figure.

Agricultural UAV can be operated by remote control to avoid the risk of exposure to the pesticide spraying operation, to ensure the safety and efficiency of spraying operation. However, due to lack of the mature and reliable of agricultural UAV, many manufacturers blindly seek large size, ignore the special requirements of agricultural protection work.

According to the special of agricultural protection industry and the need of the majority of farmers to agricultural UAV, TopXGun provides unique flight control solutions and build a practical agricultural UAV together with you .
Power line inspection
Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) power patrol has accepted by more and more electric power  supply company because of its convenient,quick operation and clear data.The client can  use wireless remote control device or self-program control equipment to handle UAV. 

UAV can carry visible light, infrared thermal imaging and ultraviolet imaging devices  to take high accuracy detection on transmission line, some high accuracy UAVs can also  do fixed-point hover detection. It not only overcomes the difficulties that far distance  between power line and ground patrol team, small viewing angle, but also solves some  problems of manned aerial vehicle suck like high cost, low security and poor precision.

However, due to the relatively special environment during power line supervision,  UAV is  often be affected by external interference. Therefore UAVs used in this  area have higher requirements of flight controller on its performance.  TopXGun aims at the special use of UAV in power line detection.It provides technical  support to clients in power line detection by the customized multi-roter flight  controller with high precision and anti strong magnetic interference.
Aerial Photography
With the development multiple-rotor, aerial photography heads for the direction  of profession. Therefore, specialized aerial photography team put forward higher  requirements to UAV performance. Among them, the "security" is the most concern  of the aerial personnel, due to multi-rotor is a kind of unstable structure.  Without the excellent flight controller, it is impossible to keep very stable  flight condition or ensure UAV security during shooting. 

Basing on needs of aerial photography for UAV flight controller and special shoot  environment of professional aerial team, TopXGun develops the safe and effective  multiple-rotor flight controller, which provides the solid technical support for  professional aerial team that they can fulfill their ideas without any worries.

Geographic mapping
With the development of science and technology, advanced digital aerial photogrammetry technology has been used in geographic mapping industry that a number of aerial photogrammetry equipment has been developed.

Especially in the UAV aerial photogrammetric system, it has become a useful supplement to the aerial photogrammetry system because of its low operating cost, executive task flexibility and other advantages.

According to the special of geographic mapping industry, TopXGun manufactures flight controller for multi-rotor, which equips with black box function, data recording module that can support 10 million times record, complete 32 hours flight data records, provide the most professional technical support for geographic mapping.