2.4GHz wireless DataLink

2.4GHz wireless datalink is composed of the on board terminal and the ground terminal. It is used for the wireless data transmission between the flight controller and ground station software.

2.4GHz wireless data link

2.4GHz wireless data linkOverview

Home Accessories 2.4GHz wireless data link Overview

Strong anti-interference ability

2.4GHz digital radio adopts advanced frequency hopping algorithm, which has a fabulous anti-interference ability, and can be operated by thousands of logarithms without interference at the same time.

Long distance communication

In an open environment, the 2.4GHz data broadcasting station has a data transmission distance of up to 3 km, which perfectly meets the demand of users for BVR flight.

Good quality

2.4GHz digital transmission presents an exquisite workmanship, with the external adoption of aviation aluminum alloy. After a large amount of processing, it is totally exquisite.

Multi-platforms GCS

The ground station can be used in PC, iPad and Android equipment through 2.4GHz data transmission, and the corresponding equipment can be chosen according to the actual requirements to realize the long-range control of the

2.4GHz wireless data linkTechnical Parameter

Home Accessories 2.4GHz wireless data link Technical Parameter

Main parameter index

Antenna external 2.0 dBi antenna
Serial data transfer Rate transfer rates 115200bps
Channels FCC –79
CE – 43
Frequency Band 2400-2483.5MHz
RF Data Rate 280 kbps
RF Technology FHSS
Maximum Output Power FCC 21 dBm
CE 10 dBm
Supply Voltage 5 V ± 50 mV
Current Draw Approval standards FCC (125 mW) CE (10 mW)
Emission instant 156 mA 60 mA
Receiving instant 56 mA 56 mA
Idle state 12.5 mA 12.5 mA
Receiver Sensitivity(1% PER) 500 kbps -88dbm
280 kbps -92dbm
Range FCC 3km (2.5 miles)
CE 1.0km (0.6 miles)
Temperature (Operational) -40°C to 85°C
Temperature (Storage) -50°C to 150°C
Air station 36.7mm x 50mm x 11.8mm
Ground station 38mm x 55.6mm x11.8mm