BTU Bluetooth Module

The instruction of bluetooth module(apply to assistant software) V1.0 The flight controller system makes wireless communication with mobile devices by Bluetooth module,and apply to V3.10 version or above.
Supported mobile devices list: IOS 7.0 or above,compatible with iPhone,Ipad &Ipod Touch,and applies to android system.

BTU Bluetooth Module

BTU Technical ParameterTechnical Parameter

Home Accessories BTU Bluetooth Module Technical Parameter

Product Specification

Bluetooth version 4.0 or above
Effective communication distance 20m
Operating environment -15℃~+60℃
Power consumption 250mw(0.05A@5V)
Weight 11.8g
Size 8.5mm×26.3mm×26.6mz

Installation step

1.Install connection

BTU is connected to COM port of FCU,Using mobile devices to find Topxgun assistant software in the APP STORE, or scan QR code to get a link on the package to download and install the software.

2.assistant software using step

Open bluetooth on mobile devices,Supply power for FCS,confirm state light on BTU module and blue light is normally on,Run assistant software,Macth mobile devices with Bluetooth modules,Confirm the connection between assistant software and FCS is good as green light is normally on.Use assistant software to set up parameter

3.Ground parameter adjustment

Place aircraft well to ensure correct connection and pay attention to the propeller without shelter, start flight of multi-roter

-Model setting

-Remote calibration

-Sensitivity setting

-Low voltage protection setting