Ground Station

TopXGun ground station is specially designed for the aircraft BVR flight; It has PC, iOS and Android version and other versions.It can be used with TopXGun flight controller system and digital transmission equipment, flight routes can be designed to achieve aircraft’s autonomous flight.It not only can ensure the stability and safety of the aircraft flight status, but also simple to operate and easy to use.

Ground stations

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Point to fly

Click a target point on the map interface; click the “start” button, the aircraft will automatically fly to the target by following the instructions.

Waypoint Module

In the ground station, the waypoint can be specified, the flight route can be pre-set, the height, speed, nose direction, dwell time and other information of the aircraft while passing the waypoint can also be set. TopXGun Flight Control System supports 128 waypoints in maximum.

Regional flight model

The regional flight model is specially designed for plant protection operations. In the regional flight mode, the flight route can be planned automatically according to the set spraying range in the selected area, so that the aircraft can make round-trip flight to traverse the entire area according to the set distance.

Flight condition monitoring

In TopXGun ground station, the user can learn real-time location of the aircraft, flight speed, aircraft status and other information to achieve BVR safe flight.

Flight control

In the TopXGun ground station, the user can control the aircraft in the ground station for taking off, return, hovering and other actions to achieve a variety of flight functions

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