K5000 Power Suit

K5000 power suit is especially designed for plant protection drone. It contains M80 motor, E80HV electronic speed control and P30 propeller. Considering the features of plant protection drone, K5000 works more efficiently and stable after we optimized it in load performance, efficiency and reliability.

K5000Power SuiOverview

Home Accessories K5000 Power Sui Overviewr

Super load, superior performance

The designed load of K5000 is 4000-6000 g/shaft with the maximum force up to 10800 g/shaft ( 48V, sea level ), which brings momentum and more power redundancy to the drones, thereby enhancing wind resistance and flexibility of the platform. In terms of performance, P30 adopts first-class aerodynamic design, collaboratively optimized with the design of motor and electromagnetism. It gets stronger and longer battery life.

Stable and durable for a wide variety of environments

K5000 motor and electronic speed regulator are waterproof, isolated of rain, pesticides and other liquids. In terms of heat resistance, M80 motor adopts fan slot cooling design, can be used in more than 60℃ high temperature environment; and E80HV electronic speed regulator is heat-resistant up to 90℃. Speaking of durability, P30 blades can work more than 500 hours, while M80 motor accumulates more than 200 working hours normally.

Folding paddle, portable and easy to use

K5000 has simple structure, simply to install and remove. Users will find it is easy to clean and maintain. With superior control performance, K5000 makes the process of flight for crop protection more stable and reliable.

Prompt and reliable after-sales service

Our technician team is good at solving all kinds of problems about K5000, ready to provide better user experience all the time.

K5000Power SuiTechnical Parameter

Home Accessories K5000 Power Sui Technical Parameter


Working voltage:
Maximum allowable current (continuous) 12S
Maximum peak current 10800克/ 轴 (48V,海平面)
PWM input signal level 4000 ~ 6000 克/ 轴 (海平面)
Compatible frequencies -20 ~ 60°C


Diameter/pitch 76×26.7 cm(30×10.5 inch)
Weight 120g


Working voltage: 12S
Maximum allowable current (continuous) 80 A
Maximum peak current 120 A
PWM input signal level 3.3 V High level 1ms~2ms
Compatible frequencies 30 ~ 450 Hz
Battery 12S LiPo
Weigh 100 g

Electric machinery

Size 80*18mm
KV 100 KV
Weight 620g