Terrain following radar module

Terrain following radar module is mainly used for real-time feedback on relative height of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). In order to achieve stability, precision, high sensitivity and high-speed distance measurement, the module is based on ToF (Time of Flight) laser radar principle with unique optical, electrical design.

Terrain following radar module

Terrain following radar moduleOverview

Home Accessories Terrain following radar module Overview

Strong distance measurement ability

Terrain following radar module can detect in centimeter level with its high sensitivity. And its furthest distance can be up to 10 meters. Combined with this module, T1-A can maintain the same height between UAVs and crops, and especially keep the the centimeter range.

High speed measurement

Terrain following modules scanning frequency can be up to 500 hz, namely can refresh the rate of the distance 500 times per second between the real-time detection of plant protection machines and crops, which ensures a more accurate height data.

Strong adaptability

Terrain following radar module is designed accordingly to the level of IP65 protection, which is dust-proof, water-proof and anti-corrosion. In addition, the module is based on the principle of laser radar so that it is not affected by temperature, humidity, light, electrons, air flow and so on. It can work under the 100K Lux environment light, and adapt to various spraying scene.

Perfect match with T1 - A

When use together with flight controller, users only need to get the optical flow sensor inserted into the corresponding port, and the installation is very simple. After the installation of optical flow, the UAV can fly in indoor and other environments, further expanding the scope of use of UAVs.

Terrain following radar moduleTechnical Parameter

Home Accessories Terrain following radar module Technical Parameter

Main parameter index

Detection range 6m
Detection accuracy centimeter level
Scan frequency <500Hz
Protection grade IP63~65
Outdoor use performance Work properly under 100 Klux ambient light
Size 51mm X 36mm X 48mm