Millimeter Wave Radar

Millimeter wave radar altimeter is the leading technology in the field of plant protection drones. It can work continuously and stably under the complex vegetation cover, and realize the precise spraying of the plant protection drone (especially in paddy field).

Millimeter Wave Radar

Millimeter Wave RadarOverview

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Accurate height keeping system

Accurate height perception (up to centimeter level) between drone and vegetation is capable of ensuring proper height of the drone during the flight.

Small size and low power consumption

TopXGun millimeter wave radar adopts highly integrated MMIC scheme, lightweight design, low power consumption (1.6W) and small size (92x63x6mm).

Strong anti-interference ability

The low sidelobe design protects the antenna from interference of the ground clutter and the target outside the main beam.

Millimeter Wave Radar技术参数

Home Accessories Millimeter Wave Radar Technical Parameter

Product specification

Size 92x63x6(长 x 宽 x 高) mm
Power consumption 1.6W
Working voltage 5V
Emission frequency 24GHz
Maximum detection range 50M