TopXGun Agriculture

“TopXGun”is a management platform for plant protection industry,Provides platform level job assistance and job management solutions for T1-A users。For different users,“TopXGun”Provide free service and customized service,Dedicated to improving the efficiency of users in the management and use of T1-A flight control plant protection equipment,and provide a complete, friendly and consistent use experience。

TopXGun Agriculture

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Plot mapping

App supports manual mapping or RTK mapping of the plots, and uploads the data to the management platform, once mapping, for permanent use。Manual mapping efficiency is high, but inaccurate; RTK mapping accuracy is very high, and can share land parcel data, and then build high-precision national farmland map.

Automatic route planning

After the completion of the plot mapping, the system will generate the automatic operation route with the spray amplitude as the default route spacing, and the speed and height of the route can be adjusted freely.Through the "change position" function, you can carry out the overall adjustment of the southeast, northwest and four directions of the course.

Automatic operation

On the job screen, you can see the routes, tracks, aircraft status, and can control the aircraft by one button. If you need more detailed information, you can open the sidebar menu to see the details.During operation, if the sensor is experiencing emergency information such as sensor fault or low voltage, the App will send out a voice warning.

Working area statistics

According to the distance between the pump switch and the line, the system can calculate the working area in real time.

Data service

The data services provided by App include parcel data and flight data.Among them, the flight data can be shared to export data files, and the flight path can also be replayed。

Aircraft Management

The system can set the number of the aircraft, the corresponding players information, can also check the record of aircraft operations, and playback of flight records.

Personnel management

"TopXGun agriculture" provides a perfect mechanism of authority management.。Managers can manage aircraft and teams, assign work tasks, check job assignments, count job information, and make day-to-day management easier and more efficient.

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