Liquid level sensor

Liquid level sensor is a level control device with simple structure and easy application; it doesn’t need power supply, doesn’t require complicated circuit. It is smaller than the general mechanical switch, and has long service life, etc.

Liquid level sensor

Liquid level sensorOverview

Home Accessories Liquid level sensor Overview

Working principle

The liquid level sensor is mainly composed of spring switches and floating balls, which contain magnetic material; one or several spring switches are set in closed non-magnetic metal conduit; then pass the conduit through one or several floating balls, and control the floating balls and spring switches with fixed double-ring in the relevant positions, the floating balls rise or fall along with the liquid, open and close can be generated by using contacting point of ball near the front of spring switch for level control or indication (it is turned on when the floating ball is close to spring switch; the switch is off when the ball leaves).

Liquid level sensorTechnical Parameter

Home Accessories Liquid level sensor Technical Parameter

Essential Parameter

Material p.p has certain anti-corrosion properties
Temperature range -20℃~+85℃
Installation method Be sure to install the sensor in the center of the kit and ensure that it extends to the lowest place.


The specific gravity of the liquid to be measured must be greater than the specific gravity of the floating ball

The operating point of the floating ball has been adjusted at the factory, so please do not adjust the ball position at will

The level switch is normally closed.

Servo cable is connected to the X1 port of the DCU module. (no positive and negative)

Regularly remove dirt from the guide and the floating balls (the cleaning period depends on the media)

Check whether the buckle is loose.